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Finding 2:  Past Problems in EID Water Rates:
Comparing EID Rate History with
a National CPI-U Detail Cost Index

Finding  Summary
Finding F2: National water cost history illustrates problems in EID's post-1996 rate-setting history.
EID water cost is compared to national water cost from 1996 to 2015, using the Bureau of Labor Statistics'  CPI-U detail line-item index for Water, Sewer, and Trash.

Comparison with national water-cost data points to EID's sources of problems and recovery from most of those problems.

The Data, Graphed
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EID rate-based customer costs versus national CPI-U detail index



1. Graphs and Embedded Data in a PowerPoint File

2. Westin Report, 2008, consultant's assessment and recommendations

The board terminated the 2001-2007 General Manager at the end of 2007 and immediately initiated action to retaining a consultant (Westin) to perform an organization analysis and recommend changes.

Consequent changes included reduction of staff by 30%, internal reorganization, and continuing strong focus on cost control and fiscal prudence throughout operations. The largest reductions in operating expenses were in year 2009, closely followed by 2010, under direction of the new permanent General Manager.