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Finding 3:  California Water Rates Survey

Finding  Summary

353 California water service areas
were surveyed to check  cost of typical residential water consumption late in year 2016.
EID water cost was 71.4% of the California average, 89.1% of the Sacramento region average.

In California 22.4% of service areas had lower cost than EID, 77.3% had higher cost than EID.

Among 154 California sample of annual rate increases the average was 9.7% per year. EID's current maximum authorization averages 4% per year from 2015 through 2019.

Results of the 2016 survey will be documented soon in the format of This 2013 Survey.
Until then the 2016 survey's reportable data are in This Spreadsheet. Detail data for each of the 353 service areas will be added to the Library section later.

Expanded summary of EID standing in comparative costs:

Average Monthly Cost$52.00$72.87$64.51
Median Monthly Cost$52.00$69.48$54.12
Percent of agencies Below EID Cost--22.4%37.5%
Percent of Agencies Above EID Cost--77.3%60.0%
Average Annual Cost Increase4%9.7%8.9%
Median Annual Cost Increase4%7.5%5.5%

Summaries in three graphs:

California water rates, 4th quarter 2016

California water rates, annual increases

Sacramento Region water rates

Sample set sizes were:

About rate percentage increase data:

Most citations of annual increases are either a single-year increase or the average of multiple years of planned increases. Example:  EID's average of 4% annually is from approval of consecutive maximum annual increases of 5%, 5%, 4%, 3% and 3% for 2016 through 2020.

This survey of California service areas uses data from agency web sites. This limits the sample set size for rate increases as a result of limited web site contents: