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This web site is about independently presenting facts about EID, the El Dorado Irrigation District, that are relevant for public consideration. This is about presenting unbiased, objective factual information to the public instead of strident political dogma. Such dogma still is pervasive in public opinion writing in local media and in discussions at EID board meetings..

About me, the author of this site: I am Paul Raveling, a homeowner in El Dorado Hills since 1990 and a retired software engineer. Software engineering is a discipline which has substantially no tolerance for incorrectness. Anyone who would like details is welcome to contact me.

Who am I?  See this concise single-page resume.
This was written as an introduction for early contacts when I nearly decided to run for EID Director in Division 5, which is entirely within El Dorado Hills.

Much of the public discourse about EID is still laden with forms of incorrectness ranging from simple misunderstandings to blatant lies. The public needs straight facts, and presenting them is the goal of this web site.

This site presents facts in three top-level sections:

Why have I had a persistently compelling drive for correctness, accuracy and completeness?

The most appropiate answer is ethics:  Belief in nonsense as a premise for public policy decisions tends to put nonsense into those decisions. Where they should produce benefit, they can produce harm. In computing this principle is called GIGO:  Garbage In / Garbage Out.

We need no garbage.