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Question  Summary of Findings
Finding F1: What is the relative importance of customer water consumption and rates
in determining customer water costs?
Finding F1: A statistical correlation study of data for 5 years for a typical residential account showed that water consumption was about 16 times more significant than EID rates to determine customer costs.
Finding F2:  What were the most important causes of high EID water rate increases beginning in 2010? Finding F2:  The dominant cause was arbitrary suppression of rate increases for 13 years while inflation continued to increase costs.
Finding F3: How do EID water rates compare with those of other service areas in California and in the Sacramento region near the end of 2016? Finding F3:

Surveying 353 California water service areas:
22.4 cost less than EID, 77.3% cost more than EID

Surveying 153 service area for annual percent rate changes:
77.3%  water rates are 71.4% of California average.
EID water rates average annual percentage increase
are 41% of the California average.
Finding F4:  What explains Folsom Lake's artificial drought?

Also, what explains its radical oscillations in storage level?
Finding F4:

There are major two issues in management of water storage in Folsom Lake: Level of water storage and unstable flow management.

Folsom storage is far below that of similar and larger California reservoirs is about 200,000 acre feet below its designated Top Of Conservation Storage, and its storage levels have fluctuated wildly in comparison to other reservoirs.

Summary of late 2016 survey of water rates and annual percentage increases

Average Monthly Cost$52.00$72.87$64.51
Median Monthly Cost$52.00$69.48$54.12
Percent of Service Areas Below EID Cost--22.4%37.5%
Percent of Service Arreas Above EID Cost--77.3%60.0%
Average Annual Cost Increase4%9.7%8.9%
Median Annual Cost Increase4%7.5%5.5%
Annual Increases Below EID percentage:--17.6%insufficient
Annual Increases Same as EID percentage:3.3%regional
Annual Increases Above EID percentage--79.1%data